Wirrpanda Foundation
Deadly Sista Girlz Program

The Deadly Sista Girlz Program engages, inspires and empowers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls between 11-17 years. We aim to connect with the girls as a friend, confidant, and a mentor to encourage the girls to become great role models in their community and achieve every success with their chosen career paths. The Deadly Sista Girlz Program offers girls a stable environment in which they can discuss current and personal issues they may be facing and it allows the girls to trust and receive guidance in a safe environment. Each girl has the opportunity to be personally mentored throughout the program and it is our goal to develop confidence and resilience so that they believe in themselves and the abilities to achieve success.

Deadly Sista Girlz addresses the issues of:

  • Self esteem
  • Identity
  • Communication
  • Women’s health
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Healthy nutrition
  • Financial literacy


The purpose of the Deadly Sista Girlz Program is to use our female role models to empower young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls to make informed decisions about thir personal health and wellbeing to lead a positive and healthy lifestyle.

We want to give more opportunity to young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls to expand their thinking and dare to dream to be active members and leaders in their communities and create a brighter future for themselves, their families, their communities and the generations to come.

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Term 3  

This term we celebrate the many successes of our Primary and Secondary students. Congratulations to students in Primary achieving excellent results in their ICAS examinations. We look forward to cheering our House teams on during the Primary Jumps and Primary House Carnival in Week 5. Congratulations to Secondary student Shanessa Leak who was placed second in the Year 7/8 section for her hand carved sculpture entered in the “Into the Woods Exhibition” and to Joel Hill for winning the “Banners in the Terrace” entry for secondary students in Western Australia.

Principal and Staff of St Mary’s College.