Mission Statement


St Mary’s College is a Catholic school situated in Broome that provides education from K-12 for parents who desire a Catholic education for their children. The College caters for the diverse educational, spiritual and cultural needs of its students by promoting self-esteem and initiative. It offers them skills to take their place confidently in society while living according to Christian values.


St Mary’s College is recognised as a model of reconciliation in the way we live and promote social justice and all Christian values and support all of our students to strive for excellence.


Courage: Upholding the Faith and all Christian values and being true to ourselves.

Love: Understanding differences with compassion and humility; accepting what has happened, and being able to move on with unconditional forgiveness.

Empathy: Listening, understanding and communicating with others in the spirit of our College Motto – Listening Hearts.

Acceptance: Appreciating each person and their story, valuing cultural differences, creating a safe, caring College and being inclusive of all.

Resilience: Being self-motivated, understanding our strengths and challenges, always giving our best and persevering in the face of adversity.

OUR MOTTO - Listening Hearts

We have empathy for each person’s circumstances, hopes and dreams, and listen with our hearts to students, families and staff.


Central to the College's identity is the community of parents, staff and students who are involved in processes related to the learning processes and future directions of the College.

Representational of Broome's unique history the College affirms its own multi-cultural identity and the cultural story of every student and family.


The College, which exists under the mandate of the Catholic Education Commission of WA, places great emphasis on clear, open lines of communication. The vitality and leadership of its staff is nurtured through spiritual and professional development.

The College promotes celebrations, which highlight its values and beliefs. This combined with an acceptance of change allows the College to maintain an adaptable curriculum.


St Mary's College aims to:

  • Work with the students and their families to create deeper links between their cultural heritage and history, and the Christian story with the developing Catholic Tradition.
  • Foster within the school community a culture which reflects the spirituality which is alive in the surrounding Broome environment.
  • Promote an understanding and respect for other religions, traditions and their spirituality.

Term 3  

This term we celebrate the many successes of our Primary and Secondary students. Congratulations to students in Primary achieving excellent results in their ICAS examinations. We look forward to cheering our House teams on during the Primary Jumps and Primary House Carnival in Week 5. Congratulations to Secondary student Shanessa Leak for winning first prize for her sculpture entered in the “Into the Woods Exhibition” and to Joel Hill for winning the “Banners in the Terrace” entry for secondary students in Western Australia.

Principal and Staff of St Mary’s College.