St Mary’s College is committed to life long learning in a caring environment. Contact administration by telephone on 9194 9500 for further information, a prospectus or to make an appointment to visit our College.

How to Enrol

Complete the Application for Enrolment Form


Download Freedom of Information Details here.

Please email, post or fax your completed application form, with the non-refundable application fee of $25. Please send photocopies (not originals) of the student's Baptism Certificate or a letter from his/her Parish Priest, Birth Certificate, Immunisation Records and the student's most recent school report.. The College will immediately acknowledge receipt of the Application of Enrolment, this acknowledgement is not an indication that the application has been successful.

Parents should understand that the College's acceptance of Application for Enrolment does not guarantee a place, but simply includes the student's name on a waiting list with other candidates in that year of entry.

At the discretion of the Principal, students will be enrolled on the following basis:

  1. Students who are Catholics and whose families show a genuine commitment to their faith and their parish.
  2. Students with siblings currently enrolled and whose families are supportive of the aims of the College.
  3. Students of other religious denominations whose families have been active members of their particular Church Community.
  4. Students whose families indicate a genuine support of Christian principles and who are prepared to accept and give positive support to the Christian ethos of the College.
  5. Students whose families signal their interest and intention by lodging an early Application with the College.
  6. Students are enrolled on the assumption that they are able to benefit from the academic and other programs of the College. It is to be understood that students, as well as receiving benefits, are expected to contribute positively to the academic and general life of the College.
Join the Waitlist

Parents and carers will be contacted to book an appointment for an enrolment interview. Students intending to board at the Broome Residential College will need to have a phone or skype interview if they are unable to attend an interview in Broome.

Offer and Acceptance of Place

If an offer of a place is made, parents/guardians and students need to sign an undertaking to support clearly identified areas of College life.

SCHOOL FEES. Download here.

Discounts for Health Care Cards apply - Queries about College fees should be directed to the Business Manager. Phone: 9194 9507; email stmary.admin@cewa.edu.au

Welcome to St Mary’s College

The year before your child starts you will be invited to attend parent information evenings and orientation days. You are welcome to attend community events like the Wilburu Exhibition and the Senior Arts Gala. Keep up to date with events at the College through our website, or subscribe to our newsletter by email. For all further enquiries please contact administration by telephone 9194 9500 or by visiting reception during office hours.

Application to Broome Residential College

Your child can stay connected to Country while they attend secondary school. They receive an outstanding education at St Mary's College and are supported by caring and dedicated staff at the residential college while they are away from home.

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