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Term 1, Issue 3 2022

Ngaji gurrjin!

We have had quite the term and a start that is worth celebrating. Our students have navigated these different times with positivity and focus. We are grateful for our College community being resilient and supportive of all of our changes and requirements throughout Term One to keep our community safe and open for learning. We are looking forward to commencing Term Two with some eased restrictions and will share this news before the term starts back, to ensure it is as up to date and factual as possible.

We have had such wonderful support for our time of Lent; students have been learning about what this time of forgiveness and getting ready truly means. Our students, staff and families have given generously to our Project Compassion focuses, ensuring that we are supporting and being aware of the needs of others. Our community has embraced the social justice teachings of these Lenten times and supported our events wholeheartedly. We look forward to sharing how much our College has contributed to the lives of others through our fundraising efforts. We are Easter people, and this time of year is the one of our most important on our church’s liturgical calendar. It is a time of renewal, and it is an invitation for us all to recommit ourselves. Our Parish has wonderful Easter celebrations that are very meaningful and allow us to remember the Easter story, that Jesus died and rose again for us.

As you will see in Edition Three, we have had another busy few weeks and are so proud of all the efforts of our students and staff that we are able to share with you all.

I wish you every blessing for safe and special holidays with your children and your families. We look forward to a fabulous Term Two, when students arrive back at school on Tuesday 26th April.

Thanks, as always, for your support and working with us to achieve the very best for each and every one of our students.

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